Charles Trower ALLCORN: it all becomes a lot clearer

12 Apr

After writing about Charles T ALLCORN and the Civil War Pension Index yesterday I went and had a look on and had a poke around in their Civil War collections (which are free until the 14th April).

I found things became a lot clear, quite literally, as the Civil War Pension Index image on Footnote was nice and clear. Not only that but the information provided about the collection was a lot more informative on Footnote than on Ancestry. I gave myself a quick education in the different collections and now have a much better understanding of the records.

However at this time I don’t really have the time and money to dig any deeper, perhaps if he had fought in the Civil War then it might be different. The ALLCORN family is quite interesting and there are lots of questions surrounding their emigration and also that of the EADE family, but they are not at the top of my list of priorities.

One day I intend to explore them further but there is really so much more that I need to do this side of the Atlantic before I go any further down the path of learning all about American sources. That really is the issue, having to learn about different record types and organisation at the same time as trying to get to grips with the geography of the country as well is just too much to take on at the moment.

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