Picture Postcard Parade: Beachy Head again

8 Apr

I wouldn’t normally have bothered with a card like this when it turned up on eBay a couple of weeks ago. The view is nothing special and the condition is a little poor, but it was the message that had been written in the top-left corner that appealed to me.

I would have to agree with the writer’s comment, it is lovely at Beachy Head and in answer to the question, “Yes I would like to go walking there” and probably will very soon.

The condition of the back of the card is not very good, someone has removed the stamp taking with it most of the postmark, so these particular pieces of dating evidence are gone. The message on the card however almost makes up for the missing stamp, like the one earlier in the week it is on the subject of collecting postcards.

The sender says she is “now collecting Coat of Arms now, but please don’t send Poole & B-mouth as I have those”. I wonder how big her collection was and how many different themes she collected?

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