Seen through rose-tinted glasses

13 Mar

Sometimes the simple things in life are best. Like yesterday morning when my wife and I visited Worthing, West Sussex. We took the bus and it was busy, getting uncomfortably crowded and warm, so by the time we got to Lancing we had enough and decided to escape and continue the journey on foot. That was the best decision day.

It was only a couple of miles and for the first stretch of the walk the busy road was within sight and earshot, but we soon picked our way across the pebbles and down to the sandy beach, and we could easily have been miles away.

For a mile or so we almost had the beach to ourselves, only the occasional dog walker and a trio of fishermen hauling their boat ashore. The sun was shining and although it really isn’t that warm yet, for those few minutes the sun shone upon us and warmed our hearts. The promise of spring and summer was in the air.

All too soon our beach ran out, the incoming tide making it harder and harder to find a dry path. It was too cold to think of paddling so we reluctantly made our way back up the beach to civilisation.

After that the day never recovered, the crowds, the shops, the traffic and the cloud blocking out the sun. Our brief moment of pleasure gone, but leaving us with a taste of what we can look forward to.

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