Picture Postcard Parade: Chanctonbury Ring, Sussex

28 Feb

As I am still struggling to come back down to earth after the weekend at Who Do You Think You Are? Live I thought it might be a good idea to remind myself of where my roots are and to provide a complete contrast to the city streets of London.

This card was published by Frederick Douglas Miller, you might just be able to make out his name embossed in the bottom-right corner, along with the words “The Sussex Series”. He produced some spectacular photographic views of Sussex, which usually command a high price. This particular card was sent from nearby Worthing, Sussex on the 28th May 1918, to an address in Streatham, London.

As the caption says, this is Chanctonbury Ring. I have mentioned Chanctonbury Ring before, I passed it whilst walking the South Downs Way (and sat in the shade of the trees and had something to eat). It is a superb vantage point as it is one of the highest points in Sussex, on a clear day the views are spectacular. When I was last here (in July 2010) the conditions weren’t perfect, but you get the idea.

According to Wikipedia Bertrand Russell once remarked that “any view that includes Chanctonbury Ring is a good view” and I would have to whole-heartedly agree with him. Chanctonbury Ring and that particular stretch of the South Downs has provided a back-drop to my life and I am sure to the lives of many of my ancestors.

It is such a prominent landmark, that it is visible for miles (on a clear day). In fact there is an old saying around these parts that if you can clearly see Chanctonbury Ring then it is a sign that rain is on the way, and if you can’t see it then it is already raining. We country folk like to keep our weather forecasting simple!

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