Another day at the West Sussex Record Office

10 Feb

I had a day off work today and the weather was pretty miserable, but I had already decided that I was unlikely to be going walking anyway so I wasn’t that disappointed. Instead I headed down to Chichester, West Sussex to spend a few hours down at the West Sussex Record Office.

I had deliberated for a while about where I would go, there is a lot on my to-do list at the moment and there are probably six or seven archives that I could have easily spent the day at, but in the end I decided on the WSRO.

I went through my to-do list whilst sitting on the train on the way down to Chichester, I still didn’t have a clear plan, but there were plenty of things I could do so I wasn’t too worried about not knowing what I was going to look at when I got there.

The record office was probably busier than I had ever seen it, at least until lunchtime after which it became a bit quieter. It was good to see so many people taking advantage of the services available at record office, although I was probably the youngest user there, but that might be because anyone else my age should have been at work today.

The day was spent mostly in front of microfilm/fiche readers looking at parish registers, although there were a couple of original registers involved as well. It is always a pleasure to have to consult an original register, to turn the pages and unlock its secrets.

I was pretty much trying to knock off items from my to-do list, but got distracted along the way, checking for records that I didn’t have on my to-do list but needed to check anyway. If there was any thread running through my research today then it was George and Mary MITCHELL of Cuckfield, Sussex and surrounding parishes. I still haven’t given up hope of proving that the George MITCHELL that was killed by a train was my 4x great-grandfather.

I don’t think anything I found today has changed anything in that respect, I have a few more hard facts, but still not enough evidence to satisfy me. I need to enter all this data and see what other research avenues are open to me and what else I need to find out.


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