Picture Postcard Parade: Winter Scenes in Brighton

30 Nov

To celebrate the fact that this morning I woke up to the first snowfall of the winter (it was only a light dusting, but snow nevertheless), here is a postcard from my collection which consists of twenty-one different views of a snow-covered Brighton, Sussex.

What is most interesting about this postcard is that it is made up of lots of individual postcards. If you click on the image and look closely at the enlarged image you will see each picture has a caption just like a postcard. The postcard on far-right of the second row is of Preston Park and I have a full size version of the postcard in my collection.

I have similar multi-view postcards in my collection where you can actually see the pins that were used to hold the cards in place while the photographer took another photo of the montage of postcards.

I don’t know who the photographer/publisher was, but the postcard of Preston Park gives a clue to the date, it has an extra caption giving the date of the 24th April 1908. I don’t know whether this relates to the date of the snowfall or when the photo was taken, the snow could have lingered for some time. I will have to check the local newspapers to see exactly when the snowfall took place and what the effect of the snowfall was on the residents of Brighton.

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