Picture Postcard Parade: Selsey Arms, West Dean

26 Oct

Continuing the West Dean theme, here is yet another postcard from the parish of West Dean (near Chichester), Sussex. This one is not in brilliant condition, with some foxing (those brown spots) particularly noticeable in the sky and on the road.

This card is unused but appears to be from the same series as some of the cards I have previously featured, the earliest of which was dated 1918, so I would imagine we are probably looking at the similar date for this one. Unfortunately the name of the photographer or publisher is still a mystery.

The building on the right is the Selsey Arms Public House, and I love the fact that there are two carts parked outside, along with their horses and a push bike leaning up against the front. The owners presumably inside enjoying some refreshment.

Just to the left of the photographer (out of shot) is West Dean school. I don’t know the names of the houses further up the road on the left. None of my maps (or those online) seem to name them, there appears to have been three houses, and at one time the house at the far end was the Post Office.

3 Responses to “Picture Postcard Parade: Selsey Arms, West Dean”

  1. Anonymous August 21, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    Hello John, i was thrilled when i saw this postcard because when i was young we use to go to the pub & meet LAWRENCE BOXALL (my grandfathers brother). The house you say was a post office, may be but, i can remember being told that was JAMES BOXALL & CAROLINE TARGETT lived, SCOUTS COTTAGE.

  2. malcolm may August 25, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    Hi. John i have a photo of Caroline Targett if your interested. I also know what happened to the necklace that Edward James gave her.

  3. malc. may August 25, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    re. selsey arms. I had an e.mail from BEN DUNK who lives in the U.S.A., he was born &lived in west dean untill 1944, he said that he believes the Dray &cob Polly at the rear was his fathers. The pole behind & in front of the house was probable a air raid siren, The semi-detachted house was the headmasters & the nurses. The cottage on top of the hill was known as the pie ladys house, scouts cottage behind the bushes. And the two men on the left, one could of been the headmaster, WOODROW . As you are an desendant on LILLIAN BOXALL, would you have any photo’s of her? as i am putting together a album of the BOXALL’s of WEST DEAN. Many thanks Malc. 7

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