Picture Postcard Parade: West Dean, Sussex

14 Oct

Continuing the West Dean theme to my blog posts this week, here is a delightful postcard of West Dean, Sussex. You will probably get fed up with hearing about West Dean over the next few weeks, but I make no apologies, as it is one of the key places in my family history.

West Dean, Sussex

Not only is the picture delightful, so crisp and clear, but the card itself has lots of helpful features for the collector who wants to find out more about who published it and when. With reference to my earlier post about two West Deans in Sussex, there is no confusion which one this is, because the publisher has included a place as well as his name.

The publisher and photographer was Albert Henry Morey of nearby Chichester. The postcard was sent from West Dean on the 5th August 1914 (to an address in Watford), but from reading the description on the Sussex Postcards website (where there are some fantastic examples of his other work) it sounds like they may have been available several years earlier.

The picture is taken on the road from Chichester to Midhurst, looking roughly in an easterly direction. The large building on the right-hand side of the road is a pub, The Selsey Arms. I really must pop in next time I am in West Dean, as I have never been inside even though the bus stop is right outside. When I do I am sure I will be following in the footsteps of many of my ancestors.

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