Capital Ring: Finchley Road to Finsbury Park

9 Oct

It felt really good this morning to be setting off up the road with my walking boots on my feet and a rucksack on my back. It didn’t feel quite so good to see the bus disappearing round the corner without me! So slightly later than planned my friend Chris and I walked another section of the Capital Ring path.

This section was a lot better than either of was expecting, the previous walk had been quite demoralising but this was quite a nice walk, the signposting was very good, and there was very little of the wandering around residential streets of the last walk. The weather helped as well, there was a thick layer of cloud, but it was quite warm, although the sun didn’t break through until we were on the train on the way home.

Much of the walk was through woodland, which really helped make for a pleasant walk. Cherry Tree Wood was particularly good because of the nice little cafe, but Highgate Wood and Queens Wood were both good, with some steep climbs in Queens Wood. Despite quite a lot of rainfall in the last couple of months most of the paths were pretty good (not too muddy) and there was a clear sign of autumn in the carpet of leaves in the woodland.

The final stretch of today’s route (between Highgate and Finsbury Park) was along a section of disused railway line (the Edgware, Highgate and London Railway), now known as the Parkland Walk. I am no stranger to disused railway lines, after all Sussex has quite a few of them, but I wasn’t really expecting to find one in London. Not only are they usually flat and well surfaced, but they also give the opportunity to find some remnants of the railway, like the platforms below, which are the remains of Crouch End Hill station.

Disused railway station

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