Treasures from the attic: Certificate of Merit Awarded to Dorothy TROWER

5 Oct

This is one of the treasures I discovered in my parent’s attic last weekend, it is a Certificate of Merit awarded to my grandmother Dorothy TROWER for “Good Conduct and Regular Attendance at Hurstpierpoint Sunday School”.

Certificate of Merit Awarded to Dorothy TROWER

Unfortunately the certificate, which is printed on card, has been badly damaged by being folded at some time, and the handwriting is beginning to fade, so it is not easy to read the date in the bottom left which is Advent 1924. The actual size of the certificate is 10 inches by 8 inches.

In 1924 Dorothy Annie TROWER would have been aged 12 years old and was probably living at 5 Hazeldene Terrace in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex with her younger sister Eleanor May and their father (Henry John TROWER). Their mother had died eight years earlier in 1916, and their father had not yet remarried.

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