Personal Genealogy Update: Week 29

18 Jul

Based on last week it is hard to see how I am going to get much family history done in the near future. My new job, or rather travelling to my new job, is taking up far too much of my time.

The only bit of family history I did was looking at the new Australian BMDs on I did find some useful information about the BATEMANs, but I didn’t even get that finished. Although I was supposed to have been reviewing my research last week, I didn’t even get around to that.

That was about the limit of my family history. I managed to watch the first episode of Victorian Pharmacy on the BBC (well worth watching), but I haven’t caught up with Susan Sarandon on WDYTYA? US yet (I think I have one day left to catch it on the iPlayer).

If I get chance this week I am going to finish off with the Australian BMD and the BATEMANs. Rather than review my research this week, I need to actually step back and review my daily routines. As I try and establish a new daily routine, I need to work out how I can include family history into that routine.

I am glad I bought a netbook last year, so I can take my research with me on the bus and train, but ultimately I think it means I have to be more organised and define my priorities, not just with my family history but within all aspects of my life.

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