Picture Postcard Parade: Interior of Singleton Church

9 Jul

This is actually a bit of a before and after post. The first picture is an undated (circa 1910) postcard of the interior of the church in Singleton, West Sussex.

Interior of Singleton Church

Below is the ‘after’ photo, a similar view taken by me on the 16th June 2010 (Sussex Day).

Singleton Interior 2010

There are two obvious differences between the two, and although I am not an expert on church architecture (in fact it is something I have been meaning to read up on), I think they are the rood beam (that solid chunk of wood stretching from side to side) and the chancel (or rood) screen behind it (the more ornate divider separating the chancel and the nave).

Those two holes in the wall on the left-hand side are the entrances to a set of steps, which suggests to me that there was at one time a more substantial rood loft rather than just a beam, but I could be wrong. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can point me in the direction of a guide on the subject.

I like the fact that very little else seems to have changed, the lectern and pulpit appear to be the same, and even the pews appear to have been retained. The only other significant difference seems to be the lights, presumably now replaced by electric lighting.

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