South Downs Way: Southease to Falmer

19 May

South Downs Way sign

It felt so good to be out walking today, it was a short walk from Southease (between Lewes and Newhaven in East Sussex) and Falmer (between Brighton and Lewes in East Sussex), only about seven miles in all.

As it was a shorter distance than usual it meant I didn’t have to rush, or worry about whether I was going to be able to get back in time for the last bus home. It gave me time to have a look around the parish church at Southease. Although the churchyard is a bit overgrown, the church is still a joy to look at with it’s unusual round tower, and best of all it was unlocked.

Southease church

Although the sky was clear, hardly a cloud to be seen, there was still quite a bit of mist, which once again made some of the views disappointing, it seems to be my fate never to have crystal clear views across the county. However not everything was lost, the mist itself led to some interesting views, like the one below, which shows Beddingham Hill and Firle Beacon shrouded in mist.

Firle Beacon and Beddingham Hill disappearing in the mist

The route of this section of the South Downs Way was generally in a north-westerly direction and apart from the short climb up onto the hills, about a mile from Southease, the path was quite level, or is it just me getting used to the rise and fall of the hills?

It is always interesting to see something different whilst out walking, whether it is natural or man-made. Today I was surprised to see the construction site at Falmer that will eventually become the home to Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club.

Falmer Stadium under construction

Of course this took my thoughts back to family history, because the proposed site for The Keep (the new East Sussex, Brighton and University of Sussex archive) is quite near to the new stadium.

Finally a word of warning. If you are thinking of going walking near Southease in the near future then make sure you check the National Trails website because the bridge over the River Ouse is soon to be closed for a week during restoration work.

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