My genealogy to-do list for the week ahead (week 15)

11 Apr

Last week was unusual, it felt like I was not doing much genealogy but by the end of the week I think I had achieved quite a bit. Having said that it is hard to actually quantify what I have done.

Much of my time seems to have been spent thinking about GASSONs and GEERINGs, with a quick look at some MITCHELLs.

  • The will of Ann GEERING has arrived, and I need to process that and decide where to go next with the GEERINGs of Hailsham, Sussex.
  • Review my research into Ellen NICHOLLS, trying to find out what I can do to put right my previous mistake and where I can go now.
  • Transcribe all my notes from Saturday morning’s visit to the Centre for Kentish Studies. Create another plan for finding the parents of John GASSON (my 5x great-grandfather) based on the findings.
  • Continue working through my digital files updating Family Historian and sorting out folders and standardising my filenames. This week I will focus on the GASSON and MITCHELL families. I have so many loose ends that need tying up.

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