Picture Postcard Parade: Hailsham High Street

6 Apr

Below is a postcard of the High Street, Hailsham, Sussex and of course there is a connection with what are hopefully my GEERING ancestors.

Hailsham High Street

This postcard was published by Edgar Smith (like the one of Hailsham Church), but I can’t read the date on the postmark on the back. Observant readers will notice that the building on the left is Edgar Smith’s shop.

That shop is the site of the GEERINGs shop, probably some forty years earlier. I don’t know how much of the shop is original, it looks like it may had been enlarged between 1842 (tithe map) and 1874 (Ordnance Survey map) which presumably meant a new roof as well as new windows.

The windows on the right-hand side obviously don’t match with the two large windows and doorway on the left-hand side. This suggests to me that the left-hand side is original, and the right-hand side a later addition.

One hundred or so years later the same view is still recognisable, the shop fronts have changed, but above them (and above the cars) the scene is not that different, at least as far as the first three buildings are concerned.

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