My genealogy to-do list for the week ahead (week 14)

4 Apr

Last week was another quite productive week, as well as continuing to sort through my files I have done a bit of work on the ANSCOMBE family and continued to work on the GEERING family.

I have been thinking about what I was going to do next after I finish with my current GEERING research project. My wife keeps asking me about where the GASSON name comes from, so that was always looking likely to be the next project.

That was confirmed this week when I was contacted by three distant cousins also on the trail of my namesake (and 5x great-grandfather) John GASSON. Thanks to them I now have a very good lead on where he came from, and need to start planning how I am going to prove it.

  • I’m still waiting for the will of Ann GEERING, hopefully it will arrive this week and provide the evidence I am after.
  • Continue working through my digital files updating Family Historian and sorting out folders and standardising my filenames.
  • Review the information I have on John GASSON and prepare a research plan for my next steps.
  • Continue working on the GEERINGs. I need to try and find out more about Francis Howlett and what the connection was with the GEERING family.

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