The death of Jane GEERING: a timeline of events

31 Mar

I found some of the newspaper report into the death of Jane GEERING rather confusing to follow, because of the use of days of the week to refer to when events happened.

Using a program such as Calisto it is easy to find the calendar for a particular year, or it would be possible to work backwards knowing that the newspaper report was published on Saturday the 19th September 1874.

Laid out in the table below it all seems to make a lot more sense to me.

——————– ————————- ————————————————-
14 Sep 1874
Unspecified time Jane was seen by Edwin Isaac Baker, bookseller and stationer, who was paying Jane an annuity of £20.
————————- ————————————————-
About 9:30 pm Jane was seen going to bed by James Foster, a fellow resident at Cobden Place.
——————– ————————- ————————————————-
15 Sep 1874
About 8:30 am According to James Pymar Billing this was about the time that Jane drowned.
————————- ————————————————-
Between 8:30 am and 9:30 am Jane’s body was discovered in the common pond, possibly by James Foster.
————————- ————————————————-
About 9:30 am Jane’s body had been removed from the pond and was being taken by stretcher to a nearby shed, then to the Home.
————————- ————————————————-
After 9:30 am Jane’s body was examined by the surgeon James Pymar Billing of Hailsham.
——————– ————————- ————————————————-
16 Sep 1874
Unspecified time Inquest held at The Terminus Hotel, Hailsham before L.G. Fullagar, Coroner for East Sussex.
——————– ————————- ————————————————-
21 Sep 1874
Unspecified time Death of Jane GEERING registered with Thomas Gray.
——————– ————————- ————————————————-

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