Picture Postcard Parade: Hailsham Church

28 Mar

With my current obsession with the GEERING family of Hailsham, Sussex it was inevitable that my postcard collecting interests would extend to the town of Hailsham before too long.

Hailsham Church

When I saw this wonderful postcard I just had to have it. It was published by Edgar Smith of The Library, Hailsham. It is unused and probably dates from around 1910-20.

Lots of lovely headstones to be seen, I wonder if any of my GEERINGs had a headstone, I know there were at least four buried in the churchyard at St Mary’s, Hailsham.

It reminds me of the description of the town in Pigot’s Sussex Directory of 1828 which singles out the church as the only thing of interest in the town,

The only object deserving of notice in this place is the church, which has a fine square tower, similar to that of East Grinstead; although extreme age may have shorn some of its beauties, still it bears the mark of having been, formerly, a handsome building, and presents an interesting object for the antiquarian.

I have promised myself not to go crazy buying postcards, so I will only be looking for postcards that will help illustrate the story of my ancestors. I would really like to be able to find a postcard of the High Street showing their shop, of course it will be many years after my ancestors had moved on, but it would at least take me back a bit closer to their time.

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