How not to identify your family photos

4 Mar

Everyone knows that they should put names and dates on photos, and whilst we may curse our ancestors for not doing so, I am sure most of us are guilty of the same crime.

So when this possible family photo turned up today, from another of my father’s boxes, I had to smile, not just because it is such a nice photo.

Photo in envelope

It had been kept in an envelope addressed to my grandmother, then Miss D TROWER of 5 Hazeldene Terrace,  Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. The envelope is postmarked 21st July 1936, but the actual location it was posted from is not clear, but it may be nearby Burgess Hill.

Although someone had written on the back of the photo, as you can see it wasn’t particularly helpful.

Photo in envelope (back)

I couldn’t help smiling, perhaps one of my ancestors had a warped sense of humour, but more than likely it made perfect sense to whoever wrote it at the time.

So I have no idea if this is Dorothy Annie TROWER, I have nothing to compare this against, but it could just as easily have been her sister, cousin or a friend, or the envelope could be a complete red herring.

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