Ernest John TROWER’s marriage certificate

19 Feb

Of the three certificates I ordered this month this was the most eagerly anticipated and ultimately the most disappointing.

I wanted the certificate for two reasons, the primary reason being to see if Ernest’s father’s name was given. The secondary reason was to try and find out a few more details about his wife.

The disappointment comes from the fact that Ernest’s father was not named (nor was there an occupation for him). It felt like another door had been slammed in my face.

Ernest John TROWER married Emma Phyllis WILDING on the 8th March 1913 at the parish church in West Grinstead, Sussex (see my post about church postcards for an image of the church).

Ernest was a farm labourer from Sands Farm, West Grinstead and Emma was from Patcham, Sussex (just outside Brighton). Her father George was a cab proprietor.

At least I can probably fill in some details on Emma now, but I still have no idea who Ernest’s father was, and more importantly who might have married Mercy TROWER.

I really am running out of options for finding Ernest’s father. I don’t think there are any surviving descendants of Ernest and Emma that I can ask. I need to check again for a baptism record, possibly a WW1 service record (although I have already looked once), the only other record I can think of that might mention his father is a school admission record.

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