Picture Postcard Parade: High Hurst Wood, Buxted

18 Feb

This is my latest bargain buy from eBay, a view of High Hurstwood in the parish of Buxted, Sussex. It hasn’t been used, and there is no publisher or photographer named.

High Hurstwood

This is the sort of view that I think of as typical of the Sussex countryside, gently rolling hills, well not really hills more slopes. It is criss-crossed with hedgerows, some hiding roads and tracks others just providing boundaries.

Of course if I take off my rose-tinted glasses, I can see that the Sussex landscape is much more varied, and many of the hedgerows have now gone.

I have spent sometime looking at a map trying to pick out some of the features on this card, but the only feature I can pick out is Holy Trinity Church. It is over on the left-hand side just below the skyline, fortunately it is quite a distinctive shape (see my post from High Hurstwood last year).

High Hurstwood Church close-up

If I can get hold of an older map I will probably be able to identify some of the other buildings, but based on the position of the church it appears that most of my ancestors homes are too far to the left to be in the picture.

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