Time to put my walking boots on

10 Feb

It seems a long time since I went out for a decent walk, and if I want to live up to the wandering part of my blog title it is about time I put my walking boots on and started some serious walking again.

If it wasn’t for the forecast of cold weather and sleet this weekend I might have made a start this Saturday. In fact it is the weather that is the main reason I haven’t done much walking for the past few months.

Last November was one of the wettest for years, just over nine inches of rain (over twice the normal amount). I walk because I enjoy it, and don’t get much pleasure squelching through mud.

I can’t really blame my lack of walking in December on the weather. I put that down to a lack of time, brought about by Christmas, my final weeks at work, and trying to complete my Christmas Tree Project.

January was a disaster. Not only was there more snow than we have seen for decades, but also freezing temperatures (one of the coldest I can remember). Then when it did warm up a bit and all the snow melted it became so wet again.

I think it is time I stopped making excuses and put my walking boots on and get outside, the days are getting longer, and slowly warming up, so now is the time to get out and start stretching my muscles a bit.

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