Mercy TROWER: what do I want to know?

6 Feb

Yesterday I posted the sum of my knowledge about my 3x great-aunt Mercy TROWER. Today I am going to explain what it is about her life that I still want to find out.

The big question I want to answer is: what happened in Mercy’s life between 1881 and 1891? The rest of her life before and after this decade seems quite normal, it would be nice to find out how and when she ended up at Shoreham Union Workhouse and it would be good to find a baptism record, but they are not so important to me.

The desire to unravel the details of what went on during this decade is starting to become an obsession. I was able to put Mercy to the back of mind for a while, but once again she has come to the foreground.

The information I have suggests four questions about what happened between 1881 and 1891:

  1. Did Mercy marry George BARLEY? If so where and when was it and if not, why not?
  2. Who was the father of her son Ernest John TROWER?
  3. Where and when did Mercy marry someone with the surname STEADMAN and what was his first name?
  4. Where, when and why did this unknown STEADMAN husband die?

Tomorrow I shall go through some of the options and avenues of research still open to me, that might provide me with some answers.

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