Search the Australian Convicts Collection for free on Ancestry until the 31st January

28 Jan

Until the 31st January 2010, users registered with (and presumably any of the other international sites) have free access to the Australian Convicts Collection.

The collection consists of fifteen separate database:

  • Certificates of Freedom (1827-1867)
  • Convict Registers of Conditional and Absolute Pardons (1791-1867
  • Australian Convict Transportation Registers
    – First Fleet (1787-1788)
    – Second Fleet (1789-1790)
    – Third Fleet (1791)
    – Other Fleets & Ships (1791-1868)
  • England & Wales Criminal Registers (1791-1892)
  • Convict Pardons and Tickets of Leave (1834-1859)
  • Australia Convict Musters (1806-1849)
  • Australia Convict Ship Muster Rolls and Related Records (1790-1849)
  • Convict Death Register (1826-1879)
  • Convict Savings Bank Books (1824-1886)
  • Registers of Convicts’ Applications to Marry (1826-1851)
  • Settler and Convict Lists (1787-1834)
  • List of Convicts with Particulars (1788-1842)

You will notice that the collection includes the England & Wales Criminal Registers (1791-1892), so even if your English ancestors weren’t transported to Australia, you are almost certain to find one of your relatives up to no good (or being accused) at one time or another.

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