My New Year’s Resolution

2 Jan

I really only have one resolution this year, aside from the ongoing promise to myself to eat less and exercise more, that is to start work on my wife’s family tree.

For many years I have been promising to work on her family tree, but have never really got started. The reason for this is that my wife is Italian, her family moved to England when she was still a child.

So when I start researching I will pretty much be straight back into Italian records, something about which I know virtually nothing. It doesn’t help that I don’t speak a word of Italian either.

A couple of years ago we joined the Anglo-Italian Family History Society, but we never really did anything about starting research. There are some quite useful resources and links on their website which I need to explore further.

So I have given myself four tasks to start with, before I actually start researching in Italian records:

  • Record everything about the family from their arrival in England.
  • Interview my mother-in-law, to try and get some details of the family back in Italy.
  • Try and learn some basic Italian (I never was very good at languages at school, but then I never had a good reason to learn then).
  • Try and understand the basic Italian record types, what information they contain and where they can be found.

I am not sure whether I shall be blogging about this, I probably will because I am now addicted to blogging and can’t help myself, but I may have to set up a separate blog, to try and keep things simple.

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