Tombstone Tuesday: Gertrude Emily and William Arthur PATCHING

15 Dec

This headstone is from Lewes Cemetery, in Lewes, East Sussex. It was taken by me on the 16th October 2009, when I paid the cemetery a visit in search of GEERING gravestones.

The photo is actually a close up of one I posted back in October. It is the headstone of my 2x great-aunt Gertrude Emily PATCHING and her husband William Arthur.

Gravestone of Gertrude Emily and William Arthur PATCHING

This headstone is a really treasure trove of information, prior to this I hadn’t actually got around to finding out about Gertrude Emily GEERING (so many relations, so little time).

So not only do I get Gertrude’s date of death, the name of her husband (and his age and date of death), but also I get her parents names as well, which confirms this is the right person.

Sadly it doesn’t tell me if Gertrude and William had any children, but I suspect they didn’t otherwise it would have mentioned her as a mother as well. That is something I can check up on at a later date.

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