United Kingdom & Ireland Historical Postcards on Ancestry.co.uk at last

8 Dec

According to Ancestry’s Genealogy Databases Posted or Updated Recently page, the United Kingdom & Ireland Historical Postcards were added to the site on the 30th October 2009. However today is the first day that I have been able to get any search results.

I have been trying on and off since the beginning of November, searching for the keyword London, which I was sure would get some hits, and finally today it did. I can only assume there was some sort of technical glitch that was stopping them being available sooner, as I don’t think there has been an official announcement yet.

Once I knew there was something there I switched to searching for places in Sussex, there are quite a few images of Brighton and Worthing, but I was unable to find any smaller places, although I am sure there probably are a few more rural locations.

The image quality of the cards I have looked at seems very good, and the backs of the cards have also been included (which are sometimes more interesting than the picture on the  front).

As a postcard collector I would have to say that it is not quite the same as holding the original postcard in your hand, although I will certainly be exploring this database further.

This database was part of the Ancestry World Archives Project which is rapidly expanding the available databases on the site, through the hard work of volunteer transcribers.

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