Running out of time again, I blame the Bible

28 Sep

This seems to be a familiar story, tomorrow I am heading for Lewes to do some research, but I am not really prepared.

It really is the same old story. I should be looking up references, but I got distracted. Last night sorting through some paperwork I came across a couple of printouts of images taken from what I call “The Trower Family Bible”. It is probably not really a Bible, it is probably actually a Prayer Book or something like that.

So, last night I did a bit of research and began to make sense of some of the names written in the book and started to be able to piece together the story of how the book ended up with my father.

It occurred to me that I hadn’t really looked in any detail at this book for a long time, in fact right back when I was first starting out researching our family.

All through the day I have been thinking about this book and starting to appreciate its importance. So this evening I just had to go and visit my parents and examine it more closely and also get some digital photos of the important pages.

It was even more interesting than I had remembered, there was another page with a few lines of writing (sadly mostly unreadable) that I hadn’t noticed before and even the contents of the book were quite intriguing with details on the different types of religious services.

So I now have another project, to research and tell the history of this book. There aren’t many heirlooms in our family, but this is probably the most important one, and in the future I will explain why it is such a key piece of evidence in my family history.

For now I will leave you with an image of one of the pages about two-thirds of the way through, with an important piece of dating evidence at the bottom of the page, the date MDCCXXXIX or 1739, making this book 270 years old.

The New Testament

The 270 year old New Testament

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