It’s been one of those days today

14 Sep

It’s been one of those days today. Whilst nothing has actually gone terribly wrong, it just seems like nothing has gone smoothly or in my favour.

It started before I even got up this morning, when I awoke in the early hours with a headache, and I think that set the tone for the day. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I did eventually. Rather foolishly I decided I would take a salad to work, which I should have prepared last night but didn’t, so that put me behind schedule.

I rushed around getting ready for work and was pretty much back on schedule as I was about to step out the door. Then the phone rang. Typical! I couldn’t leave it, so I picked it up. It was my wife’s employers, wanting to know if she could start early today. That put me in the awkward position of having to go and wake my wife, which I am sure I will have to pay for later on when she gets home.

Fortunately for me the bus was running late, so I was able to catch it. It was even later as we neared my bus stop, but the driver had other things on his mind. He decided to stop one stop short of my usual stop and get out to use the public toilet nearby. I wasn’t going to sit on bus wait for him to visit the toilet, so I jumped up from my seat and got out before he did and carried on by foot.

I was glad to get to work, where I could get into my usual routine, switch on auto-pilot and just get on with it. Work wasn’t to bad, but I couldn’t concentrate and everything seemed to throw up more problems, what’s more I was on my own, my two colleagues were on holiday so I was holding the fort.

So now I am at home, I was hoping to do a bit of planning on setting up a database for my postcards, but I think I am just going to indulge myself with some family history research, no filing or organising, just research. Some might reach for a glass of wine, but not me, so long as the internet is still working I shall be happy spending the evening up one of the branches of my family tree.

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