Getting ready for London

1 Sep

The Picture Postcard Show 2009 opens in London in a couple of days, although I won’t be able to get there until Saturday (after all the best stuff has gone!).

There are two great things about the venue, the Royal Horticultural Halls, firstly it is walking distance from London Victoria station, so I don’t have to worry about whether the Underground is closed or not. The second and more exciting thing is that it is about 600 metres away from the City of Westminster Archives Centre, so when I am done with looking at postcards I can go and look at records instead.

I hope to be able to split the day in two, both places are open from 10am until 5pm, so I will spend the morning surrounded by records and the afternoon in the archives. Of course I may find that I can’t draw myself away from the Picture Postcard Show, but I suspect it will be more likely that I will run out money quite quickly and need to take myself away from temptation.

Now I need to come up with two lists, one of postcards I want to buy and one of the records I want to search. The first list is going to quite large, aside from my usual collecting area, I also want to find some ancestral churches and other things, like ships and mail coaches, and of course ancestral homes, plus anything that is indicative of Sussex, which leaves the boundaries quite open but includes views of the South Downs and Sussex landmarks.

The second list, is probably going to be quite small, and I am thinking newspaper reports of Wybrants KINGHORN criminal trials and his murder. I also would like to find baptism records for Thomas KINGHORN’s children from his first marriage (including Wybrants). That should give me plenty to do.

In case you had guessed I am quite excited about heading up to London again, and indulging two of my passions, although I do wonder whether I am trying to fit too much into one day!

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