Weekly genealogy preview (for week 34)

16 Aug

Last week was quite a productive week. I made a start on sorting out my paper files, and I am very pleased with how it is going. I also had a good look at my GASSON research and have a good idea of my next steps in that. Of course there are still several things I didn’t get done, so those have made it onto this weeks list of goals.

  • I have made a start on sorting out the files and images from my visit to The National Archives last weekend, but I really need to get all that sorted out otherwise all that hard work will be lost in a mess of paperwork and digital folders.
  • One evening I want to walk home from work past New House Farm, Nuthurst, Sussex where my 4x great grandparents Henry and Catherine GASSON were living in 1841.
  • I need to try and fill in some gaps with the children of Henry and Catherine GASSON. Birth dates and places from the census would be a good start for when I try and find their baptism records.
  • I am thinking of having a day off work this week, and their are three options: 1. Stay at home and sort out my family history stuff. 2. Go and visit Buxted, Sussex and take a wander around the area and try and find the house where my grandmother was born. 3. Go up to London and try and find Wybrants KINGHORN. If the final option is the chosen one then I need to draw up a plan of what to look for and where.
  • I still would like to do some housekeeping on my blog. I need to review the categories and such like, update my blogroll and just make it look better, maybe a new header image and few other pictures in the sidebar and my profiles needs a once over again.
  • It’s the final episode of Who Do You Think You Are? this week and I can’t miss this one, Wednesday 9pm BBC1 and then on BBC iPlayer.

Generally at the moment I feel that I need to be devoting more time to organising and sorting out stuff, rather than gathering more data. I seem to be in a position where I have a lot of loose ends again that need some closure before I start on something else.

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