Walking Guildford to Dorking

15 Aug

Today was a walking day. It had been far too long since I went out for a proper walk, so today my friend Chris and I walked a 13 mile section of the North Downs Way.

Although I said in the title we walked from Guildford to Dorking that isn’t exactly true. We started just south of Guildford at Shalford Park and end up just north of Dorking at West Humble. The route was quite easy going with only a couple of tougher hill climbs (but still not too challenging), most of the path followed the contours of the hills rather than up and down.

The weather wasn’t brilliant, the sun did put in an appearance towards the end, but for most of the time it was overcast and on one occasion there were a few spots of light rain. This does mean that the views weren’t particular spectacular, but I did get a few photos, but most of them were quite disappointing.

The photo below is of the town of Dorking, Surrey taken from the side of the hill over looking the vines of the Denbies Wine Estate.

Dorking, Surrey and the Denbies Wine Estate

Dorking, Surrey and the Denbies Wine Estate

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