Weekly genealogy preview (for week 33)

9 Aug

Last week didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped (I blame Ancestry.co.uk for releasing the Criminal Registers), but I did manage to achieve some of the goals from last week (which I have updated) and some have been carried forward for this week.

  • This week I will review my GASSON research and put together a plan of what I need to do next to go back further to trace the origins of the family. I know that is going to involve the Surrey History Centre as the first step, but I need to make sure I have everything ready before I go, but that will be some weeks yet.
  • I want to make a start on weeding out the rubbish from my paper folders. I have too much paper that I don’t need to keep because it could be easily recreated if needed. Anything I need to keep needs to be scanned and then filed again, but in a more organised fashion. Reviewing my GASSON research might be a good excuse to start this.
  • I want to tidy up the appearance of my blog a bit, perhaps review the categories and such like, update my blogroll and just make it look better, maybe a new header image and few other pictures in the sidebar.
  • All the notes and images from The National Archives need to be filed and organised, the data added to Family Historian, and I need to update the completed items on my to-do list. The biggest challenge will be the service record for Alfred GASSON, not quite sure what I can do with that.
  • Another episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on Wednesday evening at 9pm on BBC1. Not to be missed.

That sounds nice and simple, I wonder what other surprises are going to crop up this week. The weather has improved recently so I might try and get some walking in after work. Having said that it is sure to rain now.

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