Coming to you live from The National Archives, Kew

8 Aug

I am writing this post sitting in the cyber cafe at The National Archives in Kew. I fell slightly guilty because it is lovely outside and I really ought to be out walking, enjoying the summer sun, but the chance to head to the archives was too good an opportunity to miss.

I have just stopped for lunch after a surprisingly productive morning, mostly spent looking at original documents, and mostly working on the GASSON side of the family. Clearing some old to-do items from my list!

The best discovery so far was a tiny snippet of information on my 3x great grandfather Thomas GASSON. I have found when he was dismissed from the Metropolitan Police, it was in 1861 and the reason, drunk on duty. At least I now have found one end of his police career, but I suspect I am unlikely to find much more.

I have also found the military service record for Thomas’ son Alfred GASSON. I think he is the only professional soldier I have found in my research, all the others only serving in times of war when they were called upon.

I have lots on images on my digital camera, and hopefully they will be readable on the big screen. I have made a note of the most important details just in case, like the fact that Alfred served in South Africa and got a campaign medal for it. I wonder where that is now?

I have about two and a half hours left before I have to make my way back to the railway station, make that two hours because I need to allow plenty of time to browse the bookshop before I go. This afternoon is probably going to be devoted to Wybrants KINGHORN and his criminal career, but I might try and find out about Alfred’s campaign medal as well while I am here.

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