Investigating Wybrants KINGHORN

6 Aug

The discovery of Wybrants KINGHORN (my half 3x great uncle) in the criminal registers has renewed my interest in this member of the KINGHORN family.

My knowledge of Wybrants hadn’t really increased since the last time I wrote about him back in April, until I learnt of his criminal past the other night. I have had one possible sighting in the 1861 census, but I can’t even be certain about that.

One interesting detail has arisen out of this latest discovery is that was imprisoned for eight months on the 31st May 1852 and he must have been married just before this because the marriage was registered in Q2 1852 (St Giles District). I would love to find out the consequences of his trial and sentence on his wife and their marriage. Should I be looking for a divorce as well?

Last night I took the next step in my research by ordering a copy of his marriage certificate and his death certificate. These should at least give me a few more hard facts to build on. Whilst I am waiting for the certificates to arrive I need to start planning my research into his criminal past. It looks like I will be heading to The National Archives in the near future.

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