Who Do You Think You Are? David Mitchell

5 Aug

Tonight was episode four of the seventh series of Who Do You Think You Are? and featured comedian David Mitchell although I have to confess that I don’t think I have ever seen any of his shows.

The show was a lot more laid back than last week’s episode with Kate Humble, and certainly not as emotional or sensational as last week. It focused almost entirely on David Mitchell’s Scottish ancestry, and the first thing that stood out for me was the amazing Scottish landscape, the weather during the filming seemed ideal, showing the scenery off to it’s full potential and if nothing else this show makes an excellent advert for Scottish tourism.

Essentially the show was in two parts, the first part featuring the Mitchell family farm (Ribigill), set in some truly breathtaking scenery. The farm itself had an interesting history from the Highland Clearances to it’s present state of decay, although the Mitchell family seemed to be free of any involvement in the Clearances, to David’s relief.

For the second part the focus switched to the Isle of Skye and the Forbes family, beginning with a exploration of some of the scholars and authors of the Forbes family and their passion for the Gaelic language. The episode ends in Sleat, Skye with a Minister, whose good works during his lifetime were somewhat offset by the contents of his will.

The stories that unfolded may not have been as sensational as last week, but they were still interesting and more typical of the sort of stories we are all likely to find in our own family trees. I must say I did enjoy watching David Mitchell exploring his ancestry, I think in part due to the fact that he seemed to be doing a lot of walking and a couple of times was to be seen travelling on a bus or waiting at a bus stop, very uncelebrity like.

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