My thoughts on the Ancestry enhanced image page

4 Aug

I stumbled across the new Ancestry enhanced image page the other night when I was looking at the 1861 English Census. At first I was excited by what I saw, and then this was replaced by a slight feeling of disappointment. Let me explain why.

My first impression was that I needed to get a bigger screen to view all the information, but this was a good thing, at last all the information about the census image was there on one page. The most important part for me being the source citation, which I previously used to have to make a note of before I viewed the image so that I could use the citation in the filename when I saved a copy of the image to my hard drive.

I pressed the button in the top right to save the image and this is when things started to go wrong. Up popped a window with options on where to save it, but where did it pop up? Right over the edge of the source citation, that’s where (see the screenshot below). I tried clicking the title bar of the window that had popped up, but it refused to be dragged anywhere.

Ancestry nightmare

That was so frustrating, it all looked so good until I pressed that button, I was going to be able to save so much time. So please Ancestry shift that window to the left a bit or allow me to move it, that is all I ask.

(In Ancestry’s defence I should say that I haven’t tried it in anything other than Firefox and apart from this minor annoyance I think it is a great improvement on the old image viewer. I haven’t tried updating anything on the index or using the member connect part of it, but I am sure this new page will be a great asset to myself and other researchers).

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