And now on the big screen…

31 Jul

Size really does matter when it comes to my family history research, so today I have upgraded my PC monitor from a 15″ to 19″.

I knew when I upgraded my copy of Family Historian earlier in the year that I was going to need a bigger screen, my tiny 15″ screen was really cramped when I tried to use the focus window and other parts of the program. It was something I lived with, saving the money for other things.

Last night on I was looking at an 1861 census image for one of the FAIRS family in the new enhanced image viewer. It was then I realised that I really needed to get that bigger screen to really take advantage of all the facilities it offers.

So today, courtesy of my employers I came home with a second-hand 19″ screen, and before you ask, no I didn’t sneak it out under my jacket, it was all above board and legal.

This evening everything has been a lot more spacious on screen, everything seems to have a lot more white space and I am beginning to wonder how I put up with that small screen for so long!

2 Responses to “And now on the big screen…”

  1. Thomas MacEntee August 1, 2009 at 5:13 am #

    It is amazing what we get used to, no? I have been working with a 20″ flat panel screen now for 2 years and it really helps when looking at old records and documents on line!

  2. wanderinggenealogist August 1, 2009 at 6:14 pm #

    It is great having so much space, it looks so bright as well. I can’t wait to get down to some serious research on it!

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