Who Do You Think You Are? Chris Moyles

22 Jul

I must confess to being a little disappointed by last week’s episode with Davina McCall and was not really expecting to enjoy this week’s episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with Chris Moyles.

I think the fact that Chris Moyles is a BBC Radio 1 DJ put me off, not that I have ever heard his show (I probably haven’t listened to Radio 1 for 20 years). Also the fact that this episode was going to feature his Irish ancestry was putting me off as well, as I have no connection with the subject.

I now admit that I was wrong on both counts. Chris Moyles turned out to be not only likeable and entertaining to watch but he also seemed genuinely interested in the stories of his ancestors that were unfolding and more importantly asking the sort of questions that a genealogist should do when faced with every new piece of information.

The fact that much of the programme featured Irish research didn’t prove to be such an issue either, although there were a few specific Irish situations (such as potato famine and home rule), the central issue of poverty and illness is pretty much the same whether you are in Ireland or England.

The final part of the programme in the fields of France (or was it Belgium?) retracing the final days of his great grandfather in First World War brought the show to a predictable but nonetheless emotional conclusion.

Overall I felt this weeks episode was a great improvement over last week’s episode (nothing personal Davina!). I really enjoyed watching Chris Moyles (which I wasn’t expecting to do) and it was great to watch the research unfolding as the programme progressed.

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