Who Do You Think You Are? Davina McCall

19 Jul

Wednesday the 15th July 2009 saw the first episode of the seventh series of Who Do You Think You Are? on BBC1. This episode featured Davina McCall and her ancestors, she is probably best known for her role as a presenter on the Big Brother television show.

I have mixed feelings about this episode, to me it seemed to differ from previous episodes in that very little of the research process was shown or much actual pedigree building, that being said it was still an interesting show.

I won’t go into all the details (there is a brief synopsis on the BBC website and more detailed reviews elsewhere) but it began with a brief attempt to prove a family rumour of a royal connection, which was never really likely to succeed, however the story of the life of James Thomas Bedborough that emerged was much more interesting.

The second half of the programme focused on her French ancestors, and again an interesting story emerged concerning her great grandfather Celestin Hennion and his role in many important events in French history, although I must admit to having very little interest or knowledge of French history as a whole, so by the end of it my interest was beginning to slip away.

All in all it was quite enjoyable, but for me it suffered from being so tightly focused on these two ancestors. Nevertheless it was good to see someone who seemed genuinely interested in learning more about her roots and not afraid to share her troubled times (and those of her mother) with the viewers.

If you missed the programme (and live in the UK) you will still be able to watch it on the BBC iPlayer for a while.

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