Surviving a week without genealogy

19 Jul

I have just got back from a week of sunshine and showers, sand and seagulls in South Devon without access to my family history. I wasn’t completely genealogy free, I had a book to read (mail coaches) as well as the latest issue of Ancestors magazine, there was also the first episode of the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? on television.

I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t really miss my family history but what I did miss was having ready access to the internet to look up stuff such as bus and train times and the weather forecast.

I do wish that I had some Devon ancestors as it would have given us (yes, I would have dragged my wife along with me) a great excuse to visit some of the more rural locations and explore the countryside away from the usual tourist hotspots

The whole holiday makes me want to go on a proper genealogy holiday (visiting and exploring the area where my ancestors came from rather than a research trip) so I am going to have to give that some thought, but there are not that many options as most of my ancestors are from Sussex or within a few hours travelling time.

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