While I have my (virtual) photo album open …

16 Jul

While I have my virtual photo album open and to prove to myself that I haven’t forgotten about the KINGHORNs, I thought it was about time that I showed you a photo of one of the KINGHORNs. In fact she is the only KINGHORN that I do have a photo of.

BATEMAN group (front)

The woman on the left of this group is my 2x great grandmother Dorothy Isabella KINGHORN, although by this time she was a BATEMAN, having married the gentleman in the middle, Henry BATEMAN in 1881. The young woman on right is my great grandmother Dorothy May BATEMAN, born in Brighton, Sussex in 1889 (and died in Brighton Hospital in 1916).

I believe the photo dates from around 1910, possibly on the occasion of Dorothy’s marriage in 1911 to Henry John TROWER or perhaps her 21st birthday in 1910. The back of the card is particularly ornate and quite impressive. The photographer, H.T. Edwards, was certainly still in business in Lewes Road, Brighton around 1910.

BATEMAN group (back)

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