Car sharing mystery

14 Jul

My last couple of posts have mentioned my grandfather Charles Percy GASSON (1910-1992), and it is ironic that although he is one of the few people in my family tree that I actually knew, he is also probably the person who has provided me with the most challenges in my research.

One of those challenges concerns the two photos on this page. The story (as told by my father) goes that my grandfather (the one on the right) and his friend bought a second-hand car between them, but that is where the story ends.

Charles Percy GASSON and friend with car

When I saw these photos and heard the story loads of questions entered my mind:

  • What type of car was it?
  • Where were the pictures taken?
  • When were the pictures taken?
  • What was the friend’s name?
  • How did they know each other?
  • How much did the car cost them?
  • Where did they get it from?
  • What did they do with it?
  • When did they dispose of it?
  • How did they dispose of it?

Of all those questions only the first has been answered, I believe it is a Bullnose Morris Oxford. I think the date would be between July 1924 (when he left school in Greenwich*) and December 1936 (when he married back in Sussex).

Charles Percy GASSON (sitting in car)

Closeup of UNKNOWN with carSo here is my plea, has anyone seen this man, or recognise any of the buildings in the background. Unfortunately not enough of the number plate (US: license plate) is visible to make out the number, so no clues there either.

*This is another mystery, why did he leave Lewes, Sussex to go school in London (or thereabouts)?

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