In the shade of my family tree

2 Jul

You may have heard that Sussex and much of the south-east of England have been experiencing a mini-heatwave.

Although for us in England four or five days with maximum temperatures around 30°c is unusual, I guess for many of you it would just be described as a few days of warm weather, but we are just not used to it over here.

For me the impact has been minimal, the heat has made conditions uncomfortable at times. The worst probably being travelling home from work on the bus, something like being stuck in traffic in a greenhouse on wheels with virtually no air movement through the tiny windows, although the air outside wasn’t really any cooler.

I have given up the idea of doing any serious walking for a while, but as the hottest weather was during the working week I wouldn’t normally be doing much proper walking anyway.

I suppose I have spent a bit less time in front of the computer and more time in the garden in the shade. It has still been up around 25°c in our spare bedroom (my genealogy room) around 10pm, which is no doubt in part due to the heat generated by my PC.

On the genealogy side of things it has reminded me of my great grandfather Henry Herbert HEMSLEY of Framfield and Buxted, Sussex. The story has it that he died of sunstroke in 1921 at the age of 38. I think now might be a good time to order his death certificate and find out if the story is true or not.

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