John FAIRS in the 1911 census, where was he living?

26 Jun had been sending me regular reminders that my remaining credits on the 1911 census were about to run out. I hadn’t been able to decide who to look for, but now I have started looking into my FAIRS ancestors again I decided it would be a good idea to find John FAIRS (my 3x great grandfather).

I knew from the index that he was living with his son in law and daughter George and Jane SHEPHERD and their son Ronald Henry, somewhere in Henfield, Sussex. What I didn’t know was exactly where?

There was nothing unexpected in the actually census entry, and very little information that I didn’t already know. John FAIRS was aged 71 and still working as a stockman on a farm. The important thing was the address, 6 Park Road, Henfield. This was probably the last address for John FAIRS that I would find, other than that on his death certificate (he died 1915), and that of course may not be his home address.

The following day (Wednesday), as the weather was reasonable in the evening I decided to go and visit 6 Park Road, Henfield. Naturally I wanted to see the place for myself and get some photos, but also I wanted to see if it matched the photo that I had (not the original just a scan), which supposedly showed Jane SHEPHERD standing in front of a house, which could be No. 6 Park Road.

Jane SHEPHERD outside 6 Park Road, Henfield in 1915

Jane SHEPHERD outside No. 6 Park Road, Henfield in 1915

Park Road is a very narrow road by modern standards and not particularly long, the buildings near Henfield High Street being quite modern, but getting older the further down the road you walk, but probably not much more than a 100 years old. No. 6 was undoubtedly the same house as in the photo.

I could now confidently identify the location of the photo, and this probably confirms that the woman in the photo is in fact Jane SHEPHERD as suggested. A small victory in the battle against the mass of unidentified family photos on my hard drive.

Unfortunately the sun was just about to disappear behind the houses, so the photos I took were not really very good, I need to go back in the morning and retake them with the sun behind me to get some better ones to add to my family tree.

6 Park Road, Henfield (24th June 2009)

6 Park Road, Henfield (24th June 2009)

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