A Festival of Postcards – Main Street (Sussex style)

20 Jun

This month’s theme for the Festival of Postcards is Main Street, but over in England we don’t have Main Streets. The closest match I think would be the phrase High Street, especially in rural Sussex where most of my ancestors came from.

The example I have chosen from my collection is from the village of Partridge Green, Sussex. The card is postmarked December 23rd 1905, and to be honest it has not changed a great deal. A lot of the grass has given way to tarmac and concrete, and a few buildings have been added to the view (and a few taken away). The most striking difference is the road, no wide grass verges now just pavements and plenty of cars.

High Street, Partridge Green (front)

High Street, Partridge Green (back)

(Actual size: 138mm x 89mm)

2 Responses to “A Festival of Postcards – Main Street (Sussex style)”

  1. evelynyvonnetheriault June 27, 2009 at 11:44 pm #

    I like what looks like a handcart in the front left hand corner of the postcard – and also the traditional fencing. I have a lot of rural New Brunswick cards showing different forms of fencing.
    Thanks for pointing out that the term High Street is used instead of Main Street in the U.K. I notice you also have a Partridge Green mentioned on the postcard. We don’t use that term (Green) here in eastern Canada – or at least not in the areas I’ve lived in, but I have come across the term in the States.
    I seem to remember that there would be an official area set aside to be the village Green. Here in Quebec the land was divided in a different way following the seignurial system (long strips of land with each having access to a waterway).
    I enjoy learning about different areas of the world – and thank you for participating in the Festival of Postcards.
    Evelyn in Montreal


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