Sunshine and Sussex Day, a perfect combination

15 Jun

The weather forecast for Sussex Day is looking good, and I am shocked that for once the weather appears to be in my favour. So all being well tomorrow I will spend the day walking in Sussex. Of course I am a bit disappointed not to be spending time in the archive, but that can be saved for another day, and at the moment I would much rather be out enjoying the sunshine.

I haven’t decided exactly where I shall be walking yet, but the current favourite at the moment seems to be to head for Mid-Sussex, around Hassocks and Hurstpierpoint, and then head south from there, possibly following the Mid Sussex Link for a while, following the border between East and West Sussex, maybe all the way down to the coast.

So long as the weather stays fine, like the forecasters promise, I don’t really mind where I go. I barely have to step outside my front door to find ancestral connections, so it would be nice to include my ancestors in the walk as well. Now, I just need to pull out a couple of maps, and find out where I put the bus timetable (I think it ended up in the “crate of shame”) because I don’t want to miss the last bus home from wherever I end up!

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