LONDON: Disappointment at the London Metropolitan Archives

14 Jun
London Metropolitan Archives

London Metropolitan Archives

I probably wasn’t at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) for much more than three-quarters of an hour, and came away empty handed.

It wasn’t my first visit to the LMA, but it had probably been four or five years since my one and only previous visit. I knew they had refurbished the place since my previous visit, so everything had moved around, although it wasn’t hard to find out where things were.

I am not sure about the new look of the LMA, it is bright (very white) and spacious, but it felt very sterile and it certainly didn’t feel like it was a place that contained over 900 years of London history.

I checked some microfilm, but the baptism for Edward GASSON was not where I was expecting to find it. Of course there could be many reasons for this, but ultimately I was only trying to get this information to avoid ordering a birth certificate, so it looks like I shall have to go ahead and order that certificate if I want to find out where his parents were living in Middlesex, whilst his father was briefly serving in the Metropolitan Police.

Somewhat disappointed I left the LMA, and made my way the short distance up Farringdon Road to Mount Pleasant Sorting Office, around the back of this massive building is the British Postal Museum and Archives, where I was hoping to have more luck.

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