What if I have to spend Sussex Day indoors?

11 Jun

If the weather is appalling on Sussex Day, which is looking quite likely at the moment, then I need to have an alternative plan in place, to make the most of my day off.

The plan was always for the wet weather option to be researching at a Sussex archive. As none of my main research projects are really Sussex based I need to find another little project to keep me on topic for Sussex Day.

I think this could be the ideal opportunity to dig deeper into the parish registers for Preston, Sussex and try to uncover some more details on Henry BATEMAN and Dorothy Isabella KINGHORN.

I don’t know the exact date of their marriage, because I haven’t ordered their marriage certificate. Neither do I know where their children were baptised, and two of them buried (although I think that is probably going to be Brighton Cemetery).

Really the only hard evidence I have for their time in Preston (or Brighton) is from the census. I have a rough idea of when they married and when the children were born from the GRO BMD indexes. It will be good to fill in some details without spending money on the certificates.

From the limited research I have done it appears to be a rather tricky little area to research. There appear to have been several boundary changes and several parish churches, and even the registration district appears to have changed over time. It should prove to be an interesting challenge.

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