How am I going to spend Sussex Day?

10 Jun

Sussex Day is under a week away, on the 16th June and to celebrate my Sussex ancestry I have booked the day off work and plan to explore my Sussex roots.

Whether this exploration is in the archives, or in the countryside will depend a lot on the weather on the day. Despite a promising start to summer the weather at the moment has turned quite showery, which isn’t very encouraging.

So if the weather is good I have the question of where to walk?

If I can get organised enough I might try and see how many churches that feature in my family tree I can visit in the day, but that would be a bit of a rush and I want a relaxing day, taking my time enjoying the landscape, not constantly jumping from buses and trains.

Nothing says Sussex to me like the South Downs, so perhaps I will spend some time walking on the hills. Then again there is always Sussex by the sea, and perhaps it would be nice to spend some time at the seaside.

Perhaps I could combine the two, spend the morning on the Downs, then drop down off the hills and find a country pub for lunch, and then continue to the coast and cool my feet with a paddle in the sea!

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